About Jonni

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My name is John Gallup, or Jonni (pronouced Johnny) as I like to be called, and I am 16 years old. I live in Sunapee, New Hampshire and attend Sunapee Middle High School. I do many things in my spare time. I go bike riding, ski, have fun with friends, ski, work, ski, go boating, ski, work on projects and hobbies, ski, and jsut for a little change of pace I go skiing some more. I love to ski, but I can ski any other place other than Mt. Sunapee, (transportation, and money reasons). I have dreamed, begged, groveled, done chores, been really nice, polished shoes, washed windows, vacuumed, and done every other house-hold chore and still haven't been able to convice my parents to take me somewhere else to ski. So far, no sucess.
For other activities in my life my hobbies are model railroads, model construction, antique tractors, antique boats, antique trucks, computer work (NOT games), and anything else that I get into during the summer. I own a model railroad and I am still constructing it. It is 840 square feet and very complex. The models that I build can be anything from a house for my model railroad or a machine, (that is completely functional), for a school project. As for antique tractors, John Deere tractors are the only ones that I am really interested in. For Antique boats, I like all makes and models especially raceboats, Gold-Cup series and Universal Series. (Ehh.) For Antique trucks, mostly the Mack trucks are what I am into. For computers I am very good at many different tasks. I like to create graphics, program HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), and fool around with system settings. Constructing computers is also a good hobby of mine.
The only other thing about me that is different is the relationship between me and my bike. I have gone through four bikes in my lifetime. each bike had at least 60% of it's parts replaced at one time or another. Each bike has gotten at least 20,000 miles on it before retiring, (I'm not kidding). Each bike has only retired because of permanent breakage. The first bike got 21,566 miles put on to it. It was replaced becuase of size and frame problems. The second bike had 20,009 miles on it. It was replaced because of wheel failure. The third bike had 27,281 miles on it. It was replaces because of both axles breaking. The fourth bike currently has 11,235 miles on it. It hasn't broke, yet. These replacement bikes come from winter travel and too many trips around Lake Sunapee, (try an average of 182 trips a year around the lake). One thing is for sure, my legs are in great shape! I have decided over the spring months that I will scale back the amount of trips around the lake, to save energy.