Clippership Quad

The Clippership Quad is the newest lift at Sunapee. It services mostly green terrain, but it also services one lonely blue, Spinnaker. This lift is slow and stops a lot so I wouldn't recomend this lift to hang around on. Usually all the beginners try to catch a ride with a skier that is more experienced, which isn't the greatest thing in the world sometimes. If you want to get out of this area though this lift is a must. It is the only way to ski out of the South Peak area without using the shuttle bus. So if your more experienced my advice is stay off of this lift. If you are less experienced, this is the lift to start out from at the beginning of the day.

Clipper Ship Quad

Type of Lift:
Fixed Grip Chairlift
Capacity per Chair:
1,814 feet (558.2 Meters)
Vertical Rise:
374 feet (115.1 Meters)
Ride Time:
4.3 Minutes
# of Chairs:
Terrain Serviced: